Andrew Richards
Straightforward IT solutions for your business

Linux / Unix

I can help you with your Linux & Unix needs: I've worked with Linux and Unix systems for 20 years so have the experience to address your needs. As you'll see from the rest of this site I have a specialism in email systems, this does however often require wider Linux/Unix and networking skills, as well as programming, so I really do have a broad skill set. I'm familiar with many flavours of Unix and Linux including Red Hat / CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenBSD, FreeBSD. I typically work remotely over SSH to provide you with solutions, but can also work on-site.

Systems Administration (Sysadmin)

I work regularly with large and small systems, both standalone and in more complex setups (clusters, server farms etc.); I also have the networking knowledge to know how these interact.

"Rent a Sysadmin"

For business continuity to cover staff absences or shortages I can provide on- or off-site systems administration services: My normal consulting skills mean I'm up and running in an organisation very fast.


I work with a broad range of operating systems and packages, so I have a good sense of where to look when things go wrong. I also know when I'm out of my depth and I'm not afraid to say so - I'll be happy to explore your needs and say if I can help.


I have experience with complex network setups including firewalls, routers & switches. I also know my way around wireless networks, whether this be setting them up or troubleshooting them.

I can provide assistance with network services, such as DNS, NFS, DHCP etc.

If you need to optimise your network or its applications, I can help. I am also familiar with scaling technologies - load balancing, server farms, clusters, NASes and the like.


I can offer programming skills in C, Python and shell scripting languages (Bourne Shell, Bash, C shell). Whether you wish to fix, enhance or modify an existing program, please take the opportunity to discuss your requirements with me.